Posts from RMCProfile development group

  • Data pre-processing for RMCProfile

    General steps/checks to go through for a reasonable RMC fitting 1. Reciprocal space In RMCProfile, we follow the convention of defining symbols for various functions as presented in section-2 of Ref. [1]. It is always strongly recommended that before feeding the data into RMCProfile, we should check the format of the data to see whether it […]

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  • How to launch RMCProfile program

    In this post, detailed instructions will be presented concerning how to launch RMCProfile program on all platforms. Going through procedures covered in this post should guarantee a smooth start of RMCProfile program to enable the running of both the main rmcprofile program and those plotting routines. To enable the plot functionality, we need Xming server installed and […]

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  • RMCProfile version 7 beta release

    The beta version of RMCProfile 7 is now available to users on all platforms! Only main RMCProfile program is available with this release and no auxiliary programs were included. With version 7, one of the new major capabilities is mixed-phase fitting. However, it should be pointed out that with version 7, some key features with […]

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