Download RMCProfile package for various platforms

  • For earlier releases, go to our package host server at SourceForge here.
  • Instructions about how to launch RMCProfile program on all platforms can be found in the post here.

Release: 6.7.9

Release Notes

One can now use Topas for Bragg pattern refinement and resolution correction in RMCProfile. Critical bugs were fixed with DShaper type correction for nano-size effect for nano-systems with irregular shape. The capability of fitting electron pair distribution function is enabled, where users can provide the Q-dependent form factor specifically for electron scattering. For more updates, refer to the Change Log.

Rolling updates

Last update: 04/02/2024 00:06:31 EST
    - Version
      - Added in a web-based monitor app 'rmc_mon'.
    - Version
      - Bug fix with the X-ray PDF fitting for nano-systems
      - Documentation update
    - Version
      - Bug fix
      - Documentation update


  • Version
    • A little bug with ‘data2config’ fixed concerning the reading of some CIF file


  • Version
    • A little bug with ‘thermal_ellipsoid’ fixed.


  • Version
    • ‘data2config’ debugged with Uiso setup.


  • Version
    • POWGEN profile function support added.

LinuxRMCProfile_V6.7.9_Linux_64.tgzBuilt on Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS, it is supposed to be working on most Linux distributions.
Linux – LegacyRMCProfile_V6.7.9_Linux_64_Legacy.tgzBuilt on Ubuntu 12.04, it is supposed to be working on legacy Linux distributions with old version of glic library.
Linux – ARM64RMCProfile_V6.7.9_Linux_64_ARM64.tgzBuilt on Ubuntu 18.04 with ARM64 architecture
Linux – GPURMCProfile_V6.7.9_Linux_64_GPU.tgzThe GPU accelerator is available with this version. To enable the accelerator, one has to run the program on a machine with dedicated NVIDIA video card.
MacOSRMCProfile_V6.7.9_Mac_BigSur.dmg– Open the DMG file, followed by drag & drop to install.
– If apple is complaining package being damaged, click Cancel and then execute
xattr -cr /Applications/
from command line.
– If pop-up windows appears at first time launching, showing Package downloaded from internet (or something similar), simply clicking on Open.
MacOS – ARMRMCProfile_V6.7.9_Mac_BigSur_ARM.dmgFor Mac machines with ARM-based chips (M1, M2, etc.)
Windows – ParallelRMCProfile_V6.7.9_Windows_Parallel.zipThe parallel version for Windows (x64) system. GPU accelerator is available. To enable the accelerator, one has to run the program on a machine with dedicated NVIDIA video card.
Windows – SerialRMCProfile_V6.7.9_Windows_Serial.zipThe serial version for Windows (x64) system. GPU accelerator is available. To enable the accelerator, one has to run the program on a machine with dedicated NVIDIA video card.

Release: 6.5.2

Release Notes

The old version, which is expected to be most stable but without advanced features, e.g. capability to fit the EXAFS data. For more updates, refer to the Change Log.

Linux (x64)
Linux (x86)
MacOS –
MacOS –
Windows (x64)

Release: 7betabeta

Early beta test version ONLY. Please read carefully the release notes below and be ready for inconvenience, problems and missing features as compared to version 6 (the current stable release presented above)!

Release Notes

This is only an early beta release of version 7, for which the underlying codes have been completely rewritten as compared to version 6. Both the underlying engine and the distributed packages are still under active development. Therefore, for those who really want to get hands on this version, please expect inconvenience in using this version since only main RMCProfile program is available with this release and no auxiliary programs were included. With version 7, one of the new major capabilities is mixed-phase fitting. However, it should be pointed out that with version 7, some key features with version 6 are not yet available, such as the inclusion of EXAFS data, CUDA acceleration, working with Topas profile, etc. We are working on those missing features actively and will keep posting relevant releases. Users are welcome at this stage to test out the program and any comments are welcome. For more updates, refer to the Change Log

Rolling updates

Last update: 10/13/2022 21:29:49 EDT


  • Mac package changed to DMG format for users’ convenience.


  • The first beta release of version 7 is rolling out for users to try out.

MacOS – BigSurRMCProfile_V7b.300_Mac_BigSur.dmg
Windows (x64)